2019 Wednesday 3-Man Scramble League Rules and Format



  • Team Dues are $30 per person, $90 per team, and skins are $75 per team, due on the first week of league. (5/15)
  • Weekly fees for non-MGC members are $19 per person for 9 holes and $7 per person for cart. MGC encourages one cart per team and three bags/people per cart are permitted for league play only. Three carts may be permitted per group in rare circumstances.
  • There will be 3 divisions this year with teams playing from both the blue and white tees.
  • Playoffs will immediately follow league play

Scramble Format

Each player on the team hits a tee shot.  The team then decides which ball to play and all three play from that position, within one clubs length and no closer to the hole, continuing in that process until the ball is holed.  Exceptions occur when the chosen ball lies in a hazard (such as wood, water, or bunkers), in which case all three players must play from approximately the same spot and remain inside the hazard.  The other exception is the putting surface, where all three must putt form the same position.

Points System

  • Each hole is worth 2 points and the team with the lowest score wins the hold.  In the event of a tie, each team receives 1 point.
  • Scores must be totaled on the scorecard at the end of the round.  Then signed and dated by the captains.
  • Cards must be dropped off in the pro shop.


Substitutes may be picked up for any match. A substituting team member must be of equal or less talent then the other team members. A player that is picked up that is of more talent (ringer) will be subject to a handicap. It will be up to Wednesday League Officials to determine such Handicaps. Make sure that sub’s are aware of the time and individuals they’ll be playing with. Members from other teams within the Wednesday night league are not permitted to sub.


If your group has played at least 5 holes and lighting or some other element demands an immediate finish, both teams must return to the pro shop/clubhouse and will receive one point each for the unfinished holes.  If your group has not played at least 5 holes, the match can be rescheduled.  No refunds or rain checks are provided for matches which have gone past the 5th hole.  The pro shop will sound an air horn to indicate when threatening weather is approaching and players must return to the pros hop/clubhouse or seek other shelter immediately.


  • Private coolers and carry-on alcohol is prohibited.  Players can purchase beverages from the MGC clubhouse, where MGC coolers will also be available for use.  The bev-carts will also be on the course during league play.
  • All players must adhere to the MGC dress code (collared shirts, no cut off shirts or shorts permitted.
  • All players welcome and encouraged to use the Marquette GC facilities including range, practice greens, and clubhouse.